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for various reasons I couldn’t work yesterday, so find myself at my desk and loom today! Not a hardship for me, but I came across this link to some very useful advice:

Although I try do my accounts and other admin. jobs as I go along I often find that a Friday is when is when this work gets done!

The advise the blog give is so useful, particularly the last point, keeping your clients informed.

When working to a deadline it is so easy to get absorbed in the work, whether weaving, graphics, web design or any other, that a little time out to let your client know that all is in hand and at what stage you are at can be forgotten,.  This isn’t to say that your client isn’t important, just that you’ve got so deeply embedded in the work that that’s all that you are focusing on.

Not only is it a professional curtesy to keep your client informed at all stages, but it is so reassuring to them.