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I came across this interesting blog today!

I whole heartedly agree with the 10 qualities of Slow Cloth, it’s something I’ve been striving to promote for as long as I can remember.

I grew up in the “hippy” era and learnt to weave then too, but what I didn’t like about that age was the “home spun” feel of everything and those horrible “loom” shaped garments that looked like sacks, under the misconception that if the fabric was cut into to make a garment it unravelled/frayed before you had time to sew it up!  Good quality fabric, whether hand woven or not, should be beautifully finished which means that it won’t fray or unravel when cut.

I take my time in the design to ensure it’s the best I can do, I take time to warp my loom and weave my fabric to ensure that I produce the best quality fabrics I can and to me the highest complement that can be paid is that “if it wasn’t for the detail that industry can’t emulate, you’d never know you’d hand woven the fabric”!   I’ve spent nearly 50 years perfecting my craft and even now I wouldn’t begin to call myself a “master weaver”, but on thing that those years has taught me is that quality takes time and patience.