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Yesterday evening I went to the Akihiko Izukura talk and the Private View of his exhibition at Nottingham Trent University, it was a revelation! His work is so beautiful, naturally dyed and woven or braided silk. If you ever get a chance to see it, it’s well worth the effort.
The stars of the show for me were the beautifully braided Obi’s and his braided dresses where all shaping was achieved by the braiding.Netting dresses

Today I went to a couple of Mr Izukura’s Senshoku-do workshops, spinning and natural dyeing. Working to his philosophy of zero waste we produced silk “paper” sculptures at the Spinning Workshop and beautiful, naturally dyed silk scarves at the dyeing workshop.

At the natural dye workshop we dyed the scarves without using heat!  We produced wonderful colours with clove, madder, walnut, cochineal and logwood, “fixing” the dyes with camellia ash and fermented iron water.  The camellia water really brightened the colours and the iron water darkened them.

Mr Izukura’s philosophy really resonated with me, working with nature to produce natural colours, working towards zero waste, respecting natural materials as you would respect yourself and ensuring you work in the most sustainable way possible.