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Shoe cushion

Shoe Fabric Cushion

I was commission to weave a series of cushions for a client, based on a fabric that had been found in one of her fathers old textile design books.

The books had been lent to me by my client after her fathers death and while reading them his little design for a “shoe fabric” dropped out.  I suggested to my client, who had asked me to design a range of cushions for her lounge, that I used her fathers design in one or two of the cushions.

This was 18 months ago!  I was ready to weave the fabric for the cushions when my client found she needed to re-wire her lounge.  Then she needed to re-plaster it and while doing that one radiator leaked and that need changing, along with the carpet.  So she decided to have a new sofa and chairs to match!  Can you see the scenario?  So by no fault of my own, I finally delivered 6 cushions, 4 for my client and 2 she commissioned as presents for her brother and nephew.

Close up of Shoe Fabric

My client is thrilled with the resulting cushions, which are woven in mercerised cotton with a wool pattern.  I’ve still to weave the two silk cushions I’ve designed, but she is happy to wait until after I’ve woven the fabrics for 100% Design.