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Just over a year ago I posted about why you should commission a bespoke textile designer, you can find that post by following this link:

I was talking with a client about this a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about the process of weaving, from design, right through to finishing, and by that I don’t mean the end product, but how the woven fabric is treated when it comes off the loom to make it suitable for it’s end use, whether for interiors or for fashion.

I am going to write a series of 10 posts that explain the whole process which I hope will show how long it takes and how much care goes into producing those bespoke fabrics.  The posts will explain:

  1. The initial consultation.
  2. Rough sketches.
  3. Mood boards.
  4. Woven swatches.
  5. Making the warps.
  6. Beaming the warps.
  7. Threading the loom.
  8. Weaving.
  9. Finishing.
  10. Presentation of the bespoke fabric.

Please come back on Friday for the first post in this series.