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Rough Sketches

Rough sketches are just that, a rough sketch that I draw when I get back to my studio to

Rough of Contemporary Room Layout

illustrate the ideas that my client and I have been discussing. This can be a black and white pen and ink sketch of the products we have talked about, as if in situ, with any alternatives and with a wash of colour where needed.

I send a copy to my client for their approval, to ensure that we both have the same recollections of the initial consultation. There is a charge for the process, but at this point the client can pull out of the commission if they don’t think that we are speaking the same language or if they don’t feel we can work together. It doesn’t happen often, but it must be considered.  At this point, if the client like the ideas in the roughs, then I prepare a detailed estimate of costs which include all aspects of the work that will be undertaken, from which the cost of the roughs will be deducted, if the commission is undertaken.

The slide show below shows a range of roughs taken from a sketchbook made for a commission of textiles for a garden room.