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So you’ve chosen the swatches you like and what you want them for – wall panels, cushions, throws, window panels, rugs, etc. If it’s possible I will ensure that more than one type of fabric can be made on the same warp; it takes me as long to warp for one metre of fabric as it does for three metres and I want to make sure that I work in the most cost effective way for both my client and myself.

Once I’ve calculated how much yarn I need, I work out how many narrow warps to make. These warps are 2” wide, so for a 36” wide piece of fabric I need to make 20 warps. The two extra warps allow for the narrowing of the fabric when it’s no longer under tension and for a certain amount of shrinkage when the fabric is washed and finished.

The time it takes to make each narrow warp is dependant on the complexity of the fabric. For example a fabric with a complex strip pattern or using very fine yarns will take longer to make.

On average I will spend up to 1 full day on making narrow warps for one woven project!