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I’ve just been reading Lesley Prior’s Blog, Devon Fine Fibres – Life on a very Special Farm,  and was struck by the passion of young designer and the interest manufacturers are taking in wool.  If we can get the spinning manufacturers to take seriously the passion for wool from Designer Makers, then we will be half way towards helping the farms to realise there is a market for quality fleece and not just for carpets.

Wool Throw

I was interested to watch the article about wool on BBC Breakfast News on Tuesday.  The gist was that the price of wool has increased, but the carpet industry is not happy because they are having to pay more for their wool.  Since they get most of the clip that goes to the Wool Marketing Board, who don’t pay much to the farmers, it’s sad that they are quibbling!  How wonderful it would be if more quality wool went to the spinners in the North of England and left them even shorter of the quality they want.

I, for one, will be contacting the manufacturers to see if they do sell small quantities to Designer Makers.  I know J C Rennie do, but I’m not sure if their wool is British, I will have to check!